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Re: Warm- vs. Cold-blooded Dinos

>Is it possible that the Earth's tilt has varied in the last few billion
>years? My guess is that it is.
>James Shields

I am relieved that someone else can come up with apparently similar ideas
to me, I don't feel quite so hair-brained when this happens.

I too had struck on the idea that a simple change in the tilt of the earths
axis would completely change the problem of long nights for polar
dinosaurs. But alas, when I counsulted my oracle (Ralph Molnar), not only
had he thought of the same idea earlier, he had also found out why it is

The problem in changing the tilt of the earths axis is one of energy. Have
you considered how much energy it would take to achieve this feat? This
leads to two further problems; where would that energy come from and how
would you disappate it? Apparently, even a minor shift in the earths axis
would result in enough energy being released and the earths plates slipped
over the mantle, that the plates could possibly melt.

I must admit that is where I left the issue. Pity really, but I am no
physist and questions about bodies in motion and friction scare me! It is a
tantalizing short-cut though. Even a one degree shift in the earths axis
would dramatically shorten (or lengthen) the polar nights.

Can anyone out there further this arguement?

Cheers, Paul


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