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Re: Theropod traps

>From: pwillis@ozemail.com.au (Paul Willis)
> > >That is, it is what is called a "mass death" site - they all died
> > >more or less at one time.
> > >
> >
> > I take you point on it being a mass-death site, but why the restricted
> > diversity?
> >
>What usually causes this sort of thing is when flood catches a herd
>(of flock??) and kills many members at once.

A herd to herbivores I can accept, but such large aggrigations of
carnivores? That is what seems to be unusual to me. I understand that
around 60 individual allosaurs are represented at CL Quarry almost to the
exclusion of other taxa and a similar situation exists as Ghost Ranch for
Ceolophysis (correct me if I am wrong here, thou I know I don't need to
ask!). My point is that I do not know of mammalian carnivores or any other
extant large carnivores that get around in groups of this size. If this is
the case, doesn't such unusually large aggrigations of dinosaurian
carnivores, occuring twice, possibly indicate that there is some
fundemental difference between them and our understandings of modern
carnivores? How do you feed a herd of 60 Allosauruses?

Cheers, Paul


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