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Re: Response to Size MeansEverything

>The following list members are to report to the Principals Office, for lack
>of responding to a legitimate Question posted on this list.
>Darren Nash
>Tom Holtz
>Jerry D. Harris
>Kelly Milner Halls
> Stan Friesen
>Bernardo Nino Perez-Moreno
>Neil Clark
> People,.... fellow list members, is it possible that I have stumped the
>people who I hold in such high esteem, on this list with a question which was
>posted Two weeks ago? If this is the case I consider this no small matter. In
>case we are scratching are heads trying to remember the post, it was Size
>Means Everything!

        OK, OK...guilty as charged!  But may I offer an alibi?  (Not that
excuses mean much...):  my job at the DMNH is winding down -- due to end
this Friday!  Within a week after, I'll be moving to Dallas, where I'll be
a PhD student at Southern Methodist U in the fall!  So, I've been busily
trying to pack, as well as wrap up my life in Denver by seeing all my
friends for the last time (a series of beer-laden events!), and I've only
been scanning the list cursorily.  ...'course, since your question is 2
weeks old, that doesn't really excuse me, does it?  8-)  Could you repost
it?  I'd be happy to take a shot at it this time 'round!

        So, after next week, I'll be Internet unavailable 'til I get linked
up through SMU -- when that'll be, I can't say.  However, if anyone really
wants to get a hold of me, I can be reached from the Internet at


        But I'll be back soon!  8-)  Sorry for the inconvenience.  How many
days detention do I get?

Jerry D. Harris
Denver Museum of Natural History
2001 Colorado Blvd.
Denver, CO  80205
(303) 370-6403
Internet:  jdharris@teal.csn.net
CompuServe:  73132,3372

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"Oh greeeeeat, now I get to spend the
summer with my _braaaaain_...

                                                -- Bart Simpson

--)::)>   '''''''''''''/O\'''''''''''`  Jpq--   =o}\   w---^/^\^o