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Best teachers

        While here at UCDavis I was lucky enough to take two physical
anthropology classes, human evolution and primate evolution from Prof. Henry
McHenry (yes, his real name). The high point of the quarter is when we had a
slide show accompanied by Prof. McHenry himself singing AND playing guitar,
he changed the slides with his big toe on the remote button. The song he
sang you may ask? "Habaline, my habaline; prettiest little habalis I've ever

        As to my absolute favorite teacher in the whole world...my Daddy. He
taught me about life, Pete Seeger and Antiques. He has always supported my
habit (dinosaurs) enthusiastically and even found me a T.-rex cake pan and
dinosaur salt and pepper shakers!!!
My dads the best and without his lifelong support and teachings I would
never of had the courage to break the "Barbie doll" mold my mother impossed
and follow my heart straight to the sciences and dinosaurs.. Sniff, sigh.
Maudlin it is but if you only knew him you'd understand, and he really is a
teacher...at Central High School in Fresno,CA
            Jennifer FWP.