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Re: best professors

I second Tom Bowen's (USGS) selections.  To have studied vertebrate 
paleontology at the 
University of Wyoming under the leadership of Jason Lillegraven and Paul "Doc" 
McGrew is a 
source of intense pride for me.  "Doc" is no longer with us, but the excitement 
he generated in 
me for the study of ancient vertebrates will always be present.  From "Jay" I 
came to learn the 
importance of attention to details.  Speculation is cheap, proof of ideas is 
not and requires much 
work, discipline, and solid evidence.  Simply to have been a student of 
vertebrate paleontology 
in Wyoming, a treasure-house of vertebrate fossils and a state of immense 
beauty, was in itself 
an absolute delight.

Tom also mentioned Jeff Eaton.  Jeff was a fellow student of mine at UW as well 
as curator for 
the UW Geological Museum.  I believe he is now at the Utah Museum of Natural 
History.  Jeff 
has an uncanny ability for spotting tiny teeth in the field as opposed to my 
knack for crunching 
them underfoot.

Dr. Jack M. Callaway, Texas A & M International Univ., Laredo, Texas, and 
Rochester Institute 
of Vertebrate Paleontology