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Response to Size MeansEverything

The following list members are to report to the Principals Office, for lack
of responding to a legitimate Question posted on this list.
Darren Nash
Tom Holtz
Jerry D. Harris
Kelly Milner Halls
 Stan Friesen
Bernardo Nino Perez-Moreno
Neil Clark
 People,.... fellow list members, is it possible that I have stumped the
people who I hold in such high esteem, on this list with a question which was
posted Two weeks ago? If this is the case I consider this no small matter. In
case we are scratching are heads trying to remember the post, it was Size
Means Everything!. Now I just received a wonderful explination on this
subject,from Michel Chartier 
from Montreal Canada. Now why oh why have I heard nothing from you people?
Hmmm! Is it because we dont know? then tell me I'm your friend. I'll
understand. Is it because the question might have seemed to trite? Tell me I
would have rephrased it. But please don't leave me out on the proverbial
clothesline to dry.OK?
 Now you may return to answer more questions or frollic in the sun or
whatever, I thank you for your time in reading this recent post.