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Jerry, quite rightly in my opinion, questioned the validity of _Drinker nisti_,
based as it is on teeth, a metatarsal and an ankle-joint. _Drinker_ is certainly
distinct from the dryosaurs, the hypsilophodont complex and all other
ornithopods (IMHO), but not really that much so from other othnielians, and
seems a tad dubious. BUT BUT BUT.... I think that Dr.Bakker has - ah ha - new
_Drinker_ material. 

In 'Hunting Dinosaurs' he describes and even restores _Drinker_ with a high
degree of precision, even explaining in depth how the two halves of the jaws
meet at a point rather than at a broad arc. The stuff so far published on
_Drinker_ that I have includes no mention of any cranial fragments other than
them buzzsaw teeth, so Bakker must have new _Drinker_ material. After all, he
wouldn't just make it all up.... would he?

"It is with such claims that we finally place another animal between ourselves
and God. The dolphin becomes a modern deity - the only animal god in the western
"For those who see the dolphin as a special beast, it is the final act of human
folly that we have killed it... as if it was a fish."
"Never tell me the odds!"