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Hi Karen here,

I can't remember who asked for the references on Dilophosaurus so I'm 
afraid you're all going to get my info, sorry to clutter your mail 

I did a keyword search for Dilophosaurus and came up with the 
following 8 references, they are not all obvious but I'm guaranteed 
that the word dilophosaurus is in there somewhere.  Hope they're of 
some use.

Colbert, E.H.  1985
The Jurassic dinosaurs of Northern American.
Ameghiniana  22[1-2] p.117-119  

Welles, S.P.  
Dilophosaurus wetherilli (Dinosauria, Therapoda), osteology and 
Palaeontographica. Abteilung A: Palaeozoologie-Stratigraphie 
V. 185 [4-6] p85-180

Thulborn, R.A. 1987
The origin of feathers
IN: Mesozoic terrestrial ecosystems by Currie, P J and Koster, E.H.
see also: Ocassional papers of the Tyrell museum of palaeontology 3 

Farlow, J.O.  1987
Lower Cretaceous dinosaurs.  110 pages

Lucas, S.G.  1990
Stratigraphic succession of dinosaur faunas in the North American 
Western Interior.
AAPG,Bulletin  74 [8] p.1335

Welles, S.P.  1970
Dilophosaurus(Reptilia, Saurischia), a new name for a dinosaur.
Journal of Paleontology  44 [5] p.989

Debus, A.A.  1984
Edwin T Colbert, the triassic and cold-bloded archosaurs.
The Earth Science News (Earth Science  Club of Northern Illinois) 35 
[8] p.13-15 

Welles, S.P. 1983
Two centers of ossification in a therapod astragalus.
Journal of Paleontology 57 [2] p.401


Karen Richardson
Geologist in Exile!
Earth Sciences Library
University of Greenwich