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Re: Big Track

> Mike Brett-Surman brought a poor copy of an article from an Aussie
> newspaper that showed a huge tridactyl track with a couple kids sitting
> in it (from a few months ago) and a reference to the name Humungosaurus.
> The track looked 4 or 5 feet long, which would be reallllly biiiig and
> imply a reallllly biiiig beastie. Anyone know anything about it?
> I guess it would be better to know how big the kids were but they were
> the only scale. The caption mentioned Thulborn so hopefully he can fill
> us in. Any news down under???? I remember a big track Galton described
> from the Ct. Valley that was on the order of 2 feet or so, but nothing
> this size that I can recall. Awaiting enlightenment.
>  Ralph Chapman, NMNH

Tony recently gave a paper at a conference over here about sauropod tracks
from Broome, WA. There were really big, as big as anything overseas or even
bigger. I am not sure about humoungous theropods but, without invoking size
envy, everything is bigger and better down here!

I think Tony and swamp are in the field at the moment but I am sure they
can provide more deatils on their return.

Cheers, Paul


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