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Re: info on dilophosaurus

    The data I have matches what you posted for Dilophosaurus wetherilli
(type=UCMP 37302).  I do have information on another species, D. sinensis,
(formerly "kunmingsaurus") which lists KMV 8701 as the type specimen.  This
information was in "Revision of the Parainfraclass Archosauria", Olshevsky,
1991, and in another Olshevsky publication "Archosaurian Articulations".
 There was also a discussion in the Dinosaur List a while back -- I think
that's where the KMV 8701 reference is from; sorry I can't be more specific
(no pun intended).  Maybe someone else on the list can pull up the real

Lyle P. Blosser, "dinophile"