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On Jun 27, Art@acc.com commented on the PCR process of amplifying DNA.

Just a minor quibble, but, PCR uses single stranded DNA primer sequences
to define  segment(s) of source DNA to be amplified.  These primersneed to
bind to the source DNA for the process to work.  Thus by selecting the
correct primers it should be possible to distinguish DNA from various
sources.  On the other hand, it is hard to guess what sequences should be
found only in dinosaur DNA, so the authors may have used more general
purpose primers.  I hope to locate the original article and subsequent
comments this week.  Below are partial references from New york Times
article FYI:

Original article: Scott R. Woodward,  Science Nov 18 1994

Technical Comments: Science May 26 1995
                  1.  S. Blair Hedges and John R. Horner
                  2.  Steven Henikoff
                  3.  Marc W. Allard et al.
                  4.  Seven European scientists   

Christopher O'Hara