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Re: Warm- vs. Cold-blooded Dinos

In the endo/ecto debate, does the increased temperature of the Mesozoic 
play a part?  Climatological data indicate that this was the warmest 
period of earth history.  It also had the highest carbon dioxide 
atmospheric levels.  (See June 1995 Geology for discussion of source of 
Mesozoic atmospheric CO2). 

It has been suggeted that there was little temperature stratification 
between the equator and the poles during this time.  Dinosaurs in polar 
regions would still have been subject to the absence of light for 1/2 
year although the temperatures may have been more mesic.

I have (have had) reptile pets.  No matter how much time they spend on 
their hot rocks, they are much more active when the ambient temperature 
is high.  

Ellin Beltz     -       uebeltz@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu