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Dilophosaurus, no crests, no ribs

> >   I'm just curious,( while we are on the topic of errors) has anyone
> >noticed in the Robert Carrol book _Vertebrate Paleontology and Evolution_
> >that the picture of the Dilophisaurus skeleton is missing the two crests.
> >Why is it not pictured?? Comments?
> >
> And, if you can explain that, why does this illustration also lack ribs?
Well, guys, maybe the answer lies in the original reference. This particular
figure was taken from Welles' (1984) monograph on Dilophosaurus, published
in the German journal Palaeontographica. Maybe someone could look it up 
and find the answer there. I unfortunately don't have a xerox of this here
at home, so I can't go further than that...

Michel Chartier