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Big Track

 Mike Brett-Surman brought a poor copy of an article from an Aussie
 newspaper that showed a huge tridactyl track with a couple kids sitting
 in it (from a few months ago) and a reference to the name Humungosaurus.
 The track looked 4 or 5 feet long, which would be reallllly biiiig and
 imply a reallllly biiiig beastie. Anyone know anything about it?
 I guess it would be better to know how big the kids were but they were
 the only scale. The caption mentioned Thulborn so hopefully he can fill
 us in. Any news down under???? I remember a big track Galton described
 from the Ct. Valley that was on the order of 2 feet or so, but nothing
 this size that I can recall. Awaiting enlightenment.

  Ralph Chapman, NMNH