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Oh Yes, Its Another Reference

Just recieved my copy of Geoscientist (a publication of the
Geological Society of London), which contains the following reference:

Wright, J.L., 1995.  Fossil Trackways of the Connecticut Valley, USA.
Geoscientist, 5(4), pp.22-24.

This is a report by a researcher who was awarded a Geol. Soc. grant
to study the trackway collection of Edward Hitchcock.  There is a
review of the history of the tracks, geological background, faunal
diversity and notes on the invertebrate fauna also.

For those interested in things happening at the dawn of time (One
Million years BC according to Hollywood) there is a themed issue of
Planetary and Space Science (vol.43, no.1/2, 1995), which covers the
topic of planetology and the origins of life.  A number of reviews
cover topics such as the influence of meteorite organics in planetary
environments, abiotic synthesis in hydrothermal environments, and a
number of papers on Martian exobiology.  Looks good.

Glen Heward