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Theropod traps

>        The Ghost Ranch site is only a tiny fraction of the Chinle
>Formation, as is the Cleveland-Lloyd Quarry (the apparent allosaur trap to
>which I think you're referring) for the Morrison.  Don't make the mistake
>of thinking that these productive quarries are representative of the
>formations as a whole!  The Morrison's extent certainly has the Serengeti
>beat in area (I think), and overall produces far more herbivores than
>carnivores.  The Chinle does, too, but in the Triassic, we're not dealing
>with only dinosaurs (lots o' "thecodonts").
>Jerry D. Harris

What is the current thought of why Allosaurs were selectively over
represented in CL Quarry and Ceolophysis at Ghost Ranch?

Cheers, Paul


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