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Re: Dinosaur's hopping?

>The common ancestors of Saurischia (including Aves, if you prefer,
>though my own preference is to regard Aves as a separate class) 
>and the Ornithischia walked on all fours.  Bipedalism evolved
>at least three times in these groups, at least once is Ornith-
>ischia, once in Saurisschia proper, and once, separately, in
>Aves.  Bipedalism also evolved more than once in mammals.

        I am not a paleontologist, just a wannabe but I did have the great
fortune to attend UCDavis which has a wonderful two unit class on Dinosaurs.
I already knew 99.9% of the stuff but was thrilled to find a couple of
adults, professors even, who understood my passion.(THANKS Drs. Cowan and
Carlson!) Anyway we were taught that one of the defining charecteristic of
dinosaurs was that their primative state was BIPEDAL and that the quadrupeal
gait was a secondary trait ( I probably have the cladistic terminology
wrong, sorry) Was this correct or shall I go over to the campus and
terrorize my old Profs with my unending chatter for awhile as
 punishment?  ; )

                                                                Jennifer FWP