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Best teacher

My interest in, fascination with, obsession for (or whatever you want to name
it) genetics,  is the direct result of one DR. Harold E. Cooper. He received
his doctorate in genetics not long after they discovered the DNA molecules'
structure. He was not only the best teacher in my educational history, but
 was an extraordinarily personable human being.  He insisted on logical
solutions to his questions (with lab proof to back up your numbers), and
didn't demand any more effort than your absolute best. I took 20+ hours of
Biology and Genetics in his classrooms and labs. He was the type to show-up
unexpectedly in the lab, and check on stragglers, like myself.  Needless to
say his courses I did not Ace, but I learned more than most of the rest of my
classes combined.!    [   ;-)   ]

I mention this as a sort of non-dino lead for a question of a survey sort. I
won't keep records, I just thought it would be a positive string none can be
wrong about, and everybody has had a similar experience, I assume    AGAIN!
  (ARRRGH I gotta quit that!)

Who was your most influential teacher, ever?

I KNOW, I KNOW, it aint 'bout dinosaurs, directly, but DR. Cooper gave my
intrest in all life, extinct or not, a focal point. He was also well learned
in geology, and had a large collection of invert. fossils.