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Size Means Everything !

Question time again In the last episode of Paleo World,"Rise of the
Predators" It was mentioned that EuroRaptor( hope I spelled it right)
 was smaller than a human hand.We then hear of Harasaurus (hope i spelled
this one right to) 15' long 500 lbs. We now go through more carnivores like
Coelophysis, & Centarsaurus, Coelophysis 3-10ft. now we come to UtahRaptor,
20'long 1000lbs. As Jim Kirkland stated the next in line seem to go in
reverse, Dromaeosaurus 500lbs.
Deinoncyhus-100lbs Veloceraptor-50lbs. All cousins to T rex 49ft long 20ft.
tall 8 tons. OK if these are cousins to the larger carnivors, how did the
larger carnivors get so large was there a genetic foul up now I am not
claiming these are all direct decedents to T rex, but why were some larger
than the others? Also when I spoke to Dr. Bakker on the phone this past
February he stated that Veloceraptor, and Troodon both had brain cavities the
size of humans,now if this is the case, and the intelligence of these animals
is to be judged and I believe these creatures were the for runners of Trex
why is it that this did not happen to T rex as well that is the brain cavity
it seems that the Rex is in controversy, between Dr. Horner who thinks of him
as more of a scavenger, as opposed to a predator. As other paleontologists
have described. I could use your imput on this.
 Thank you. (Please excuse any misspelled words or typos)