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Re: Bird-talk again...

 From: ST-grock@artemis.earth.monash.edu.au (Darren R. Grocke)
 >  One aspect I have noted lately is that
 > nearly all birds hop when on the ground.  Has there been any evidence found
 > (tracks and traces) that dinosaurs hopped? 

No.  In fact it is extremely doubtful that they did.  If I remember
correctly, the hopping gait in modern passerine birds is a side effect
of a specialization for perching.  Non-perching birds do *not* hop
in general (look at an ostrich sometime - that is probably the best
living model for bipedal donosaurs).

 >  Even so, would many dinosaurs
 > be capable of hopping?

Almost all small to mid-sized animals can hop *some*.

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