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Re: Re[2]: Arachnids and other odd fellows...

>Mmmmm, I'm not sure if you're right Jerry. Here is what I picked up
>on solifugids in the book _Invertebrates_ by Brusca and Brusca (p. 501):

        OK...I capitulate on this one!  8-)  Thanks to everyone who wrote
me and straightened me out on this -- it's been a _long_ while since I
tried studying to be an entomologist (a pursuit I quit when I realized that
many of my study specimens gave me the willies!  8-)  ), and my memories,
on which I was relying, are hazy.  I swear to whichever particular deity
you personally believe in, though, that I once had a book that described
these "solpugids" as one distinct group from another group I recall being
referred to as "pedipalps," which look exactly like very large spiders
except for the gigantic mouth parts.  Must've been an erroneous report --
or an erroneous set of neurons in my skull!

        Sorry if I caused any confusion for people.  Oh...and, at the
behest of at least one other subscriber for whom even the mere _mention_ of
arachnids induces a peculiar revulsion, I move we end the arachnid
discussion and get back to dinos and other matters of a paleontological
nature...  ;-)

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