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Re: Bird-talk again...

>>A lot of reconstructtions I have seen of dinosaurs look and behave (in
>>cartoons, movies etc.) like birds.  One aspect I have noted lately is that
>>nearly all birds hop when on the ground.  Has there been any evidence found
>>(tracks and traces) that dinosaurs hopped?  Even so, would many dinosaurs
>>be capable of hopping?  I could easily visualise a small dinosaur hopping,
>>but a ten metre long hadrosaur for example, would look quite funny if not
>>Darren R. Grocke

I remember seeing Tony Thulborn giving a paper once showing that a certain
trackway was not the result of a dinosaur hopping, as the original authors
had claimed. From memory the trackway was in France and the original work
was by French palaeontloigsts. The tracks consisted of parallel sets of
marks thought to be made by a hopping theropod. Tony showed that there
tracks were actually made the flippers of a turtle swimming in shallow

Can anyone in the Brisbane Swamp shed more light on this one?

Cheers, Paul


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