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Re: Bird-talk again...

derek@iconz.co.nz (Derek Tearne) wrote:

>I could be wrong, I haven't done any exhaustive research here, but I 
>can't think of a single bird larger than a starling which hops.

Crows and ravens, if I'm not mistaken (it's almost midnight here so I can't
go check...). In fact, don't most of the predatory/scavenger types such as
hawks and vultures hop?

>> Has there been any evidence found
>> (tracks and traces) that dinosaurs hopped?  Even so, would many dinosaurs
>> be capable of hopping?  I could easily visualise a small dinosaur hopping,
>> but a ten metre long hadrosaur for example, would look quite funny if not
>> impossible.

Sorry, can't resist a bad joke here (all really serious types can stop reading
now). What do you get if you cross a grasshopper with an elephant? A gigantic
animal which can jump to an incredible height... once.
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