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new refs.

        One new ref. for you salivating dinosaur maniacs.  Oh, and one 
ref. for those of you who salivate about archosaurs.  (Maybe I've been 
spending too much time with my dog? :-)

Contributions to geology.
Fall 1994 v 30 n 2
Fiorillo, Anthony R.
Time resolution at Carnegie Quarry (Morrison Formation: Dinosaur National
 Monument, Utah): implications for dinosaur paleoecology.
Page:  149

Neues Jahrbuch fur Geologie und Palaontologie.
MAR 01 1995 n 3
Jalil, N.
Lucas, S.G.
Hunt, A.P.
Biochronological significance of aetosaurs and phytosaurs (Reptilia,
 Archosauromorpha) in the Triassic Zarzaitine Series of Algeria.
Page:  173