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Digital Art Services(free offer)

Hi folks,

I don't know if anyone has a need, but I have an idea as to how I can make a
contribution to the VP community, and use my field of expertise. I have a
Power PC, all the software required to do high end digital graphics, and
proven skills. If there are any of you in need of true professional image
manipulation, either with photographs or line art, I am willing to give it a
shot. For free. 

I'm thinking of a project such as hand-outs at a show, or a presentation for
a grant, or premounting sketching. I don't know your needs, but I am
confident I can make a positive impact.

Of course this doesn't apply to a commercial venture, which I assume is not
our purpose here. This is NOT an ad for a profit making scheme, on my part,
nor am I soliciting such work. I have more than enough going in that
direction already.

Roger A. Stephenson      lightwaves@aol.com      POWER Macintosh user-pro