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Re[2]: Arachnids and other odd fellows...

>Correctamundo! One of the learning experiences for those of us migrating into
>the American Southwest. These sun spiders look all the world like scorpions,
>especially the colouring. I'm sure more injuries result from people banging
>away or jumping out of bed to avoid these sun spiders than are injured by the

        No (again)...sun spiders are _not_ the same as solifugids!  Sun
spiders -- I believe that they're called, colloquially, "pedipalps" -- look
virtually the same as spiders, except that their mouth parts (the
pedipalps) are enormously enlarged.  They use them to catch and devour
small lizards and mammals.  I don't know that they're poisonous to people,
but their bite is extremely painful.

        Solifugids, though, are the scorpion mimics to which you refer.
Again, they're not sun spiders, but are often called "whip scorpions" or
"false scorpions."

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