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Oh no! Not Monotremes again!

I just found an interesting description of monotremes while browsing (of all
places) Encyclopaedia Britannica (1989). I wouldn't consider this the best
reference on VP, but it can prove useful.

It lists the three surviving species of Monotreme, the duckbilled platypus,
Ornithhorhynchus anatinus, and two spiny ant-eaters, Tachyglosus aculeatus,
and Zaglosus bruijni.

The interesting bit, however, is this:

"Although they resemble reptiles in that they lay eggs, the monotremes are
true mammals. They possess such distinctively mammalian characteristics such
as mammary glands, hair, a large brain, and a complete diaphragm."


"Most authorities beleive that the order Monotrema originated from a line of
mammal-like reptiles different from that which gave rise to the other mammals."

No cladistics here!

Perhaps you could get away with this sort of thing with linnian taxonomy
(though I suspect it would be frowned upon), but with cladistics, if
monotremes are mammals, Monotremata and Theria must have a common mammalian

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