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Re: Cold or Warm Blooded

> > the plates.  Why a stegosaur would do this, I don't know, since I can't
> > imagine it having _too_ much of an effect either for defense or mating, but
> > it's possible!

>Where displays used to attract mates are involved, it doesn't pay
>to reject *anything* out of hand!  If the lady stegosaurs decided
>they liked neon males, such a thing could well evolve.

Another example of this is in chamelions. In some species competing males
use colour to win a mate. The male who produces the most impressive colour
(usually red, but I think some species vary), wins the mate.

Also in certain species, the female undergoes a dramatic colour change. I
think one species goes from lime green to black with green spots. Sort of
saying "I'm not interested!"

Sorry I don't know the names of any of the species. Fascinating little
critters, though. Can you call reptiles critters?

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