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Corrections and reasons

Let me begin by stating clearly and without reservation that I know I made
some major errors in judgment in my last posting.

1.  I used terms I should not have to describe those I seriously disagree
with that .

2.  I made a major error in judgment in suggesting ANYONE unsubscribe from
the list.

3.  I should have responded privately to those individuals I have a problem
with, and spared the list my anger.

4.  I should have sought out private advice from those vets on the list I
know I can trust (you know who you are).

5.  I allowed myself to fall to a level of those I had a problem with.

While there is no way to undo the words posted in the heat of battle, I can,
and hereby do, say I was wrong in the points listed above. The tone was deep
red, and ugly, which is far outside my normal personality.

Not as an excuse, but maybe as an influencing factor you may be able to
understand, I had outside (non-net) reasons for being edgy. One week ago
(6/16) a co-worker and myself were SHOT AT on the way home from work, while
driving west on interstate 40. We were not hit, but that was just dumb luck.
I think I've recovered, but this is a highly unusual thing to happen in rural
Arkansas. Believe it or not this is a very peaceful area, and the whole
episode shook me deeply. If you think this is a fabrication contact the
Plumerville, Arkansas police and see if I didn't file a report.

I still believe there are people on the list with little consideration for
others, but they are a minority. They have every right to be themselves, and
express themselves as they see fit. They can post 100 times a day if they
feel the need.  I don't know how better to say I am sorry to the list than
this, and ask those of you that really care what happens here for your
forgiveness. If you cannot do this I really do understand, and will chalk it
all up to my own stupidity. Life is a tough enough experience without my
interjecting more venom, even if my basic motives were founded in a sense of
need for improvement. Nothing is perfect, and I feel without improvemnt
degradation is progressive (much like dino fossils exposed to the elements).

Roger A. Stephenson      lightwaves@aol.com      POWER Macintoshr user-pro