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Re: Some subjects

>Hi, girls and boys! I made yerterday a mistake. I came back to read the opinion
> of Paul about the amount of meat a T. rex eat, and he say that MUST EAT 93 Kg.

In order to make this estimate, he must be making some assumptions about its
metabolism. Does he assume T. rex to be hot or cold blooded?

>Has anybody visited the new Halls of Dinosaurs of the AMNH? What do you think a

I'm sure many on this list would like to hear the opinions of anyone who has
actually visited the museum since it reopened. I've seen TV news reports and
read magazine articles, but I want to hear what real enthuasists (boy, what
I'd give for an email program with a spell checker) think, not journalists
(sorry, Kelly, you count as a real enthuasist in my books).

>her matter). What do you think about the idea of mounting the original material
>? I think it is a wrong idea, because when somebody goes to study the material,

I agree, although I gather they've designed the frames in such a way that
individual pieces can be removed for study. My reasons are as follows:

1.  While fossils are on display they are not available for study.
2.  Fossils on display are at greater risk of being worn or damaged.
3.  Fibreglass is lighter and can be used in more imaginative displays with
    lighter, less obtrusive frames.
4.  Replicas don't need to be behind glass so the public can get closer to
    the exhibits.

I also think there should be more models so people can see what the living
animal was (or at least might have been) like.

This said, what I've seen from pictures and TV looks great, and I can't wait
to see them first hand. Unfortunately, if I'm in the US this year, it'll
more likely be Texas than New York. Oh well...

Sorry if this has gone on a bit. Hope some of you will have a few comments.

James Shields  -  jshields@iol.ie  -  http://www.iol.ie/~jshields
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