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Re: Museum Displays

>Joe Ramirez <jramire@ibm.net> writes:
>I think the plastic Albertosaur in the main dinosaur hall is pretty great:
>pebbly skin and plausible colour scheme, lifelike pose, piercing eyes.

Lillian says thank you. She's always been vain about her looks. ;-)

>However, there's a new display on the concourse outside the building
>in front of the main doors, which completely blows even that one away!
>Albertosaurus is chasing a couple of terrified ornithomimids over the
>concrete planters and past the museum's decorative pond, done in bronze
>in fabulous, tendon-snapping detail.  Veins and muscles bulging, eyes
>bugged out screaming ostritch-mimics running for their life from a truly
>ferocious, focussed and hungry-looking tyrannosaurid, frozen in metal at
>45 km/h plus.  Little details continue to pop out and amuse you as you gaze
>at the scene: one fugitive is in the midst of changing direction, looking
>over its shoulder, digging its claws into the soft gravel of the concrete!
>One heck-of-a fine piece of statuary, beats General Wolfe at the Calgary
>Science Centre cold!

You can get a look at both of these at the Tyrrell's website
(http://www.cuug.ab.ca:8001/VT/tyrrell/). The plaza dinosaurs are found in
the What's New page; Lillian and her cosorts are in the virtual tour.

>Lesson number two: if your display is waterproof, put it outside!

Lesson number three: make sure those rubber claws are >really< attached
strongly. There just seems to be something about them that makes people want
to tug on them...
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