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Re: Cold or Warm Blooded

 >        Yes, I agree.  As an addendum, it is possible (however unlikely)
 > that the vascularization of the plates -- showing that there _were_ blood
 > vessels running along the surface -- could have had some function to
 > rapidly inject or remove blood, thus effecting a sort of color change on
 > the plates.  Why a stegosaur would do this, I don't know, since I can't
 > imagine it having _too_ much of an effect either for defense or mating, but
 > it's possible!
Where displays used to attract mates are involved, it doesn't pay
to reject *anything* out of hand!  If the lady stegosaurs decided
they liked neon males, such a thing could well evolve.

Also, I know of several bird species in which the male is dull
colored most of the year, and changes to bright colors in the
mating season.  So it could simply have been a seasonal change.

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