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Re: Museum Displays

>Why is it that there are very few exhibits in these museums that can
>show both skeletal, as well as a display that shows a complete dinosaur
>with skin and teeth?

        Having been at least tangentially involved with setting up a new
prehistoric life exhibit, I can say that the top reason is probably COST,
followed closely by SPACE.  Both, in any museum, are at a premium,
especially as costs must be largely derived from donations, which are, of
course, infrequent, at best.  Our new exhibit does have a few fleshed-out
animals, mostly in the dioramas.  They don't take a short period of time to
create!!!, as I've seen our exhibits sculptors work on a single one for
months.  Skeletons, likewise, take a good deal of time to mount.  We have
very few duplicates...that is, only a couple of organisms represented by
both skeletal and sculpted mounts, and those that are are small (e.g., the
boomerang-headed amphibian _Diplocaulus_).  Our exhibit is large, and cost
$7.7 million as it is!  Any more would have been virtually impossible...we
didn't even get that final amount until construction was well under way.

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