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At 10:02 AM 6/22/95 -0400, D.W.Naish wrote:

>In the same paper, Bakker mentions three Stegosaurus species alien to me:
>_sulcatus_, _armatus_ and _duplex_.

   If I understand what I've read on the dino list correctly, and am reading
_The Dinosauria_ correctly, Stegosaurus sulcatus, Stegosaurus duplex and
Steogosaurus ungulatus are all junior synonyms of Stegosarus armatus.

>A while ago he wanted S. ?stenops to be a
>separate genus, _Diracodon_ (or was it _S._ laticeps_?).

   Diracodon laticeps is listed as a junior synonym of Stegosaurus stenops.

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