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Re: The Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park

** Reply to note from Skip Dahlgren <SDAHLGREN@liblan.uams.edu>  
06/13/95 12:15pm -0400

<< I hadn't heard about the travelling Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park exhibit  
until someone mentioned it on this list.

Can someone kindly post a schedule of the stops to be made by the  
exhibit?  I'm especially interested in any within a reasonable distance of  
Little Rock (my current abode), but a complete schedule might also be  
useful, and I'm sure others would like to see it as well.>>

Sorry to take so long in responding to this, but I just went through many  
hundreds of messages that have been building up for a while.   (I've  
been spending time working on the next couple issue of *The Dinosaur  
Report* and also at my real (paying) job.)  Anyway, here is the most  
current information I have, although another stop on the domestic tour  
may be added before Philadelphia.  I'll supply new info when I get it.

Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, PA -- 10/23/95 to 1/15/96

Buenos Aires, Argentina -- 4/20/95 to 7/20/95

Joe Ramirez
The Dinosaur Society

cc: dinosaur@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu