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One Post : )

Lots of stuff, I think I'll try to put it all into just one post.

<<Question: How much could a large Carnivore consume, in the 
course of a day?>>

In Greg Paul's "Predatory Dinosaurs of the World," there is an 
appendix that has equations dealing with how much meat a carnivore 
(warm-blooded) would need to consume daily.

<<Second Question: If a large predator like Allosaurus attacked one 
of these Sauropod dinosaurs other than their tails how could they 
protect themselves?>>

I'm not sure... stepping on them?  Again Greg Paul makes the 
suggestion that the reason sauropds retained those nasty claws on 
their hands and feet was to kick and slap any theropod that got a 
little too close.

_Epantarias_ is (as far as I know) a junior synonym of _Allosaurus_. 
 So is _Creosaurus_.  The material known as _Epantarias_ has been 
classified as _Allosaurus amplexus_, and is considered to be 
another species of _Allosaurus_ that is Very large and from the 
upper-most Morrison.  _Creosaurs_ is the same as _Allosaurus 
atrox_.  In my very, very humble opinion, I think that it (_Creosaurus_)
might warrent a sub-genus within _Allosaurus_.

About _Stegosaurus_.  I think that when Bob Bakker decided to split 
up _Stegosaurus_, He put _S. ungilatus_, _S. armatus_, and some 
others into _Stegosaurus_; and then put _S. stenops_ and _S. 
lataceps_ into _Diracodon_.  I think I remember reading somewhere 
that armatus was the type species of S., and was synonymous with 
ungilatus.  Also that stenops and lataceps are synonymous too.  
Again in my humble, humble opinion, I would support sub-generic 
statis for those put into _Diracodon_.

Well, that's pretty much it.  I recently checked _The New Dinosaurs_ 
out from the library (that book is like Gold), and I was thinking that I 
don't really like any of the dinosaurs he made up, so I thought I'd do 
the thing that he did.  So I'm going to do that.  I would really like to 
know what kind of dinosaurs lived on mainland Africa at the K-T, 
where was India from ~100mya to now, and does anyone have any 
idea what _Majungasaurus_ might be?

Now I'm done.  I'll talk to y'all later (Daren, if you really want to be like

an American and say y'all, you have to put the apostrophy between 
the "Y" and the "A", not the "A" and the "L" :).

Peter Buchholz

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