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Museum Displays

This is a rather simple question I pose to my colleagues. In most museum
displays, we see the skeleton of most dinosaurs in fixed positions which in
themselves,is nothing more than casts of the bones.[ Why is it that there are
very few exhibits in these museums that can show both skeletal, as well as a
display that shows a complete dinosaur with skin and teeth?] This would give
people a better idea of actual size and proportion, as well as being somewhat
intimidating To see what once roamed the earth. As a follow up question[ I
heard that there have been only three complete skeletons of a T-Rex found and
that these are the basic finds that make the casts for most displays in
museums, Is this true?] And [why is it so difficult to find the Tyrant King
Lizzard?] I know it is not as simple to just go to a dig site in say Colorado
and say over there is a T-Rex skeleton, lets dig it up, but don't we have a
general idea of a favorite locale or area that the T-Rex was noted for