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Re: Epanterias and Breviparopus

 From: pwillis@ozemail.com.au (Paul Willis)
 > This is not the first time that I have seen Bob use a generic term
 > that I thought had been synonomised. Another example is the references 
 > to Morosaurus, a junior synonym or Camarasaurus, in an article on
 > sauropods that appeared in Earth magazine last year. I might well have 
 > the wrong end of the stick and this is not meant as an accusation but
 > simply as an inquiry. Why does Bob continue to use redundant names?

Well, since synonymies of this sort are matters of conclusion, they
are not necessarily final.  In fact there is often a certain amount
of disagreement on synonymies.

Bakker is what is called a "splitter" in taxonomic parlance.  That
is he splits organisms into more lower level groups than most other
workers. For instnce he splits Stegosaurus into two genera!!  Thus,
from his point of view the names are not redundant, they are names
of diffrent entities.

[Bakker is perhaps the most extreme splitter amoung the current crop
of paleontologists, while Greg Paul is the most extreme lumper -
just about everybody else falls somewhere in between these two].

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