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Some subjects

Hi, girls and boys! I made yerterday a mistake. I came back to read the opinion
 of Paul about the amount of meat a T. rex eat, and he say that MUST EAT 93 Kg.
per day, not CAN EAT as I writed yesterday (oops!). Nevertheless, it is still a
s speculative as any other number, because nobody know the metabolic rate (the
calories burned over time) of a dinosaur, neither they were hot-blooded or cold
Any extant carnivorous animal CAN eat about one fourth of their own body mass a
t a sitting, and then it goes to make a "siesta". One hot-blooded animal digest
s more rapidly than a cold-blooded one, so it needs more amount of meal to live
. This is the reason because its "siesta" is shorter than that of a cold-bloode
d animal (this one takes a longer time to digest its meal, and needs a smaller
amount). I think everybody can understand this (I'm not sure about my capabilit
y to make understandable my thinkings).
Has anybody visited the new Halls of Dinosaurs of the AMNH? What do you think a
bout them? I visited them before they were openned, and I think they are great
(except by their old-fashioned vision of the theropod phylogeny, but this is ot
her matter). What do you think about the idea of mounting the original material
? I think it is a wrong idea, because when somebody goes to study the material,
 it is impossible because it is within the glasses! If they can make so good
casts as that of the Tyrannosaurus skull, why they mount the originals?
And, finally, come back everybody to discuss about dinosaur and any other extin
c/extant live form, and forget any other matter. OK?
See you! Nino.