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New Books

 So, if we can get back to business as usual...

 Two new books have come in, although I'm still trying to get copies
 of the more young-people oriented books in the same series as the one
 Jim Farlow did on footprints. Saw the pterosaur one with illustrations
 by Brain Franczak and my buddy Bob Walters and enjoyed it much...

 The first is one of the oddest ones I've ever seen and features art
 done by Ray Troll who, I believe, had stuff on display at the Burke
 Museum in Seattle recently (didn;t make it during SVP so not exactly sure)

 Matsen, Brad & Ray Troll. 1994. Planet Ocean. A Story of Life. the Sea,
    and Dancing to the Fossil Record. Ten Speed Press, Berkeley. 133 p.
    ISBN 0-89815-618-1. $29.95.

 This one's tough to describe and just snuck it's way into our
 bookstore - although it's apparently been out for while. It's fun
 but don't expect  it to be text like.

 On a more conventional approach there is:

 Lockley, Martin & Adrian P. Hunt. 1995. Dinosaur Tracks and other
    Fossil Footprints of the Western United States. Columbia U. Press,
    338 p. $35.00, ISBN 0-231-07926-5.

 Is a classic Lockley tome and looks to be an update and expansion of
 his inexpensive book of a few years back with more of a concentration
 of the footprints of the Western US rather than dinos in general.
 Looks like nice work.

 I've noticed that books seldom list the ISBN on the copyright page
 anymore but, instead stamp them on the cover and have them on the
 bar code on the dust cover as well. Wonder why- would be nice to
 have them on the copyright page as well. I suspect delays in ISBN
 assignment or something like that.

 Anyway, they were both worth it to me.

 That's it buckaroos,   Ralph Chapman, NMNH