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Re: Epanterias and Breviparopus

>From: DAVEH47@delphi.com
> >
> > >And (other than Bakker et al in Hunteria and a certain
> > >Omni article on Bakker from years back), what does the community
> > >think of _Epanterias_?
> >
> > I haven't heard about _Epanterias_ for a long time and I had
> > assumed that it had proven to be a non-dinosaur or otherwise
> > bogus.
>Hmm, I do not have my list here (and it is not yet on the Web),
>but I seem to remember that Epanterias is a name given to a specimen
>that is commonly refered to Allosaurus.

This has triggered a question I have had brewing for sometime, it is
directed specifically for Bob Bakker but may be some others could help out.

This is not the first time that I have seen Bob use a generic term that I
thought had been synonomised. Another example is the references to
Morosaurus, a junior synonym or Camarasaurus, in an article on sauropods
that appeared in Earth magazine last year. I might well have the wrong end
of the stick and this is not meant as an accusation but simply as an
inquiry. Why does Bob continue to use redundant names?

Cheers, Paul


"Nature conceals her mysteries, not by her cunning, but by her essential
                                Albert Einstein