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Re: Time Space and Matter -2

>Question: How much could a large Carnivor consume, in the course of a day?
>Now I know there is really no way to check the daily intake of one of these
>creatures, but a best guess will do.

I think this depends on whether they were endothermic or exothermic. Michael
Benton mentions something about a herd of 100 antelope sustaining one lion
or ten crocodiles. Another book (which, once again, I can't trace) said that
lions eat their own weight (approx) every six days while crocs take about sixty.

Greg Paul's study of T. rex (I've only read a summary in The Complete T.
rex) seems to be largly speculative. I think its based on percentages of
fossils, which are by no means conclusive.

Hope this helps.

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