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Re: (sigh) elitist snobbery

Folks, I realize that everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. And I realize
that perhaps AOL is in its infant (well toddler) stage as far as the Internet
but we are learning fast.  I have been reading the newsgroups and mailing
lists and visiting Internet areas as they come available and yes, there are
some members that think that AOL is the best and that everything else is
trash but NO provider provides every service and to tell the honest truth I
am tired of some of the attitudes that have surfaced...All AOL members are
not hormone crazed teenagers and many of us have valid information to impart
and all Internet people are not elitist geeks.  Just as in every community
there are good and bad. As a member of the human race and this list I really
wish this crap would stop.....I am starting to feel like if there isn't a
flame war with hurt feelings, crushed egos and nasty innuendos every few
weeks that certain people get bored......this is NOT directed at any one
person or group!!!  I just want it to stop...it ruins my enjoyment of the
list (yes even the silly, off-topic stuff can be fun).  It is no wonder that
the human race can't get along if the few hundred/thousand of the people who
read and participate in this list can't find it in their makeup to act like
adults and accept that not everyone is exactly like themselves.....God if we
were clones then where would the excitement of living be....Come on, people,
let's keep the BS to a minimum.......all opinions are of value......and any
scrap of information, no matter from where or how inane it may seem, may
start someone thinking on a whole new track and perhaps create something

::Stepping off my soapbox::  ;D