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Re: Elitist unvieling & List domination(no .sig file)

My, my, my. Since there are some *interesting* points in the lengthy rant 
from Roger Stephenson [lightwaves@aol.com] that prompted all this, I'd like 
to chip in my two peso's worth:
First,  let's get one thing straight:  the dinosaur list is not moderated, 
filtered, or restricted. Thus, it represents chaos, anarchy, and... well, 
freedom. I'm free to lurk, free to chip in, free to make a fool of myself, 
free to answer questions as best I can. Nobody has a gun to my head to force 
me to maintain my subscription, and therefore I don't really care if someone 
feels like there is an 'elitist domination.' Of course there is. They know 
what they're talking about. I rarely do, and thus keep my posts to a 
minimum. So you elitist folks keep talking, I'll keep listening, and we'll 
all try to ignore the conspiracy buffs. I like the 'fly on the wall' feeling 
as cladistics, extinction, and what-not is debated. This is as good as it 
gets, as far as I'm concerned:  it's like being at an exclusive conference 
without paying money or 'dues' to get in. I'm happy.
Second:  message volume. Look, I'm not a professional...I have a geology 
degree with a paleo option, but I long ago swerved into computers and this 
is a good way to stay connected to my first love. If I have to slog through 
250 messages a day, I'll do it. Because I want to, not because I have to. So 
any of the beefs about high message traffic don't faze me. I'm willing to 
put up with the volume, because, as Ronald Reagan might have pointed out, 
there must be a pony in there somewhere.
Last, Roger, c'mon, mellow out. If you mess this up for the rest of us by 
driving the professionals underground, I'm going to be mad. This is one of 
the coolest things about the Internet, being in the same virtual room with 
Dr. Holtz, Sarima, and others. *You* are abusing the privilege with your 
name calling, and I might add, probably embarrassing some of your fellow 
AOLers. If you have a problem with someone, talk to them, off-line. This 
conspiracy crap is what lead to right-wing nuts bombing the Oklahoma City 
Federal Building. I happen to like this list, even if I don't save every 
message. I *don't* like this thread, but something needed to be said in 
rebuttal to your post. Next time, try writing up your flame and waiting a 
day before sending it.

Garret Romaine