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Re: Elitist unvieling & List domination(no .sig file)

Look, I know that there are professionals who can be elitist. There are 
also amateurs who can be just as bad. Both of these elitist groups are, I 
think, more than compensated for by the ones who are enthusiastic, 
egalitarian, and anxious to bring more people into the tent.

Using the terms "elitist snobbery" and "elitism" when someone points out 
that there are some features which AOL will not sustain, or equating this 
knowledge with elitist "pros," is really insulting and has no basis 
either in reality or with regard to the AOL discussion.

If someone seems to be a snob, your problem is with that person, not a 
community. If you service does not support features that others do, your 
problem is with that service, not a community. So I am in agreement with 
Alex. There are too many people working too  hard to bring all the 
factions of the paleo community together for the "elitist" postings to be 
anything other than insults to people who do not deserve it. 

Sally Shelton

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On Wed, 21 Jun 1995, Alex W. Hertzog wrote:

> I could go into some detail about the inadequate arguments presented, but 
> I think I can sum it up in a sentence: "What flew up your ass last night?"
> Alex Hertzog
> Enthusiast, non-know-it-all, and yet somehow not suffering from extreme 
> insecurity and paranoia.