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Re: Elitist unvieling & List domination(no .sig file)

> Well, haven't some of us a rather inflated opinion of our importance. In the
> past two days I have proven to, both myself and several others that have
> e-mailed me off-list, that there ARE an elite FEW trying to dominate the

Oooooh...there's a conspiracy afoot!!! 

> list, and not with numerous postings alone. Just what these persons are
> trying to prove, besides their destain for us non-pros, is that they have a
                                 Gee...I wonder why?
> Suggestions to drop my AOL service in favor of some unnamed internet server,
> ignores the fact that we AOL users can connect anywhere in the U.S.A. and we
> have access to much more data than non-AOL users know 

A non-argument really, esp. when you consider more and more conferences/places
are likely to have a net connection, not to mention the fact that more and 
more ISPs have or are getting local POPs in just about the same places around
the country. And what about OUTSIDE the US?--on the net, home is always just
a telnet away!. Oh, you don't have a real provider?---well, don't forget your
country code when you want to check your mail then :)

> I will also be here for some time to come, like it or not. I can afford it!

You know this is one attitude about people in this country(US) that I really
hate. No wonder the rest of the world has such a love/hate relationship with
us Merkins. 

> Unfortunately there are some, maybe youngsters, that cannot. Therefore,
> excessive postings harm the list, and VP in whole, not me personally. Not
> opinion, fact! Is it so hard to limit ones contributions to one posting per
> day, or are these egos so large that near constant presence is required?

Less information is more helpful??!?!??? Uhuh...yup...you're obviously smarter
than us. Damn guys, I guess we better just pack it in and go home huh? 

> I want to know why you know-it-all's have not answered SERIOUS questions
> concerning extinct dinosaurs, and not just mine, but spend days on end
> debating whether or not a LIVING organism should be classified this way or
> that way? Is what you are interested all that's important?

Ummm basically...their party, not ours. Even on commercial services, discussions
ebb and flow and threads digress and weave and spawn off other topics. 
The only difference is that on the net we don't have censors..errr.."helpers"
to lead us back onto the beaten path when things start getting vaguely 
off-topic. On the net, a discussion is done when the participants say it is.
If you don't like this then may I suggest you not subscribe to any other lists
'cause many are a lot worse in this regard. The list is not a service thats
being sold to you, so these "customer service complaints" carry about as much
weight as a Von Daniken paper. As for responses, well, you get back what you
can put in. Unfortunately for many of us lay people this means we must remain
contented with being spectators, only occasionally being able to chime in.
This doesn't bother me. I joined, like most people here(I hope) to get info,
not to be a celeb. I'm on a lot of other lists too and there's only a couple
that I really contribute to enough to make my name show up a lot and thats only
'cause its my field(UNIX/networking/graphics), not my ego. I answer questions
when I can contribute something relevant or I don't have to look it up. If I 
can they can too. These "know it alls" operate pretty much the same way
I suspect. Internet culture has always been like this.
We *ALL* stand around to catch the pearls that fall from EACH of our mouths.