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Multiple subjects

Here come the Spanish guy again, boys and girls!
Steven 9120 made some interesting questions yesterday. The only study I know
about the amount of meat a theropod can eat is that of Greg Paul in his book
"Predatory Dinosaurs" (1988). Sensu Paul, a T. rex weighting 8 tons could eat
about 93 kg. per day. Although it is a number as useful as another. Who knows
how much meat eat a fossil animal? nobody.
About the defense methods of the sauropods, two of them are more usually
proposed: the looooong tail and the strong claw of the first finger of the hand
(besides its enormous size).
And, finally, I think (so it is possible mistaken) when a/some theropod/s kill
some other animal, the history could be nearly the same than today in Africa:
everybody go there in order to eat something: lions, hyaenas, wild dogs, eagles
, crows, etc...You see what I mean.
DaveH47 asked about _Epanterias_. Nearly everybody tends to consider it as a
member of the genus _Allosaurus_. Some people think it is the same animal than
_A. fragilis_, others think it is other species, and only very few people think
it is a different genus, _Epanterias_. I know a person (I forgot his name; I
always forget the peoples' name; I am sorry) from the National Dinosaur
Monument who is making his Ph.D. on the genus _Allosaurus_, so you "only" have
to wait some years to know what the hell is _Epanterias_.
Maybe it is true, Darren. Maybe the Alvarezsauridae are avialian. But, in this
moment, I don't think so. _Patagonikus_ is a very fragmentary specimen, more th
an _Mononykus_, so it would be very difficult to determinate the avialian condi
tion of those taxa. Luis Chiappe is still sure about this (he think both of the
m are aves), but I thought that Fernando Novas thinks they are non-avian therop
ods. Nowadays, the only thing that distinguish a bird from a non-avian theropod
are the feathers, the shape of the coracoid and the pygidium (the bone that com
e from the fusion of the vertebrae of the tail, present in the extant birds).
And none of them are present in Alvarezsaurids. So, only new material (specialy
skull material) could show us the true about this group.
And last, I want to make some comments about the discussion of Roger Stephenson
and somebody else about liberty in this ship called "Dinosaur". As you know, I
am only a new guy in town, and surely I am younger than most of you (I am 26 ye
ars old), but maybe I know something that nearly none of you know: I have lived
some years in a totalitary political regimen, under the General Franco. And I
know that nothing is more important than the liberty to say or make whatever yo
u want to make or say. So, if the people want to talk about insects (I think I
started this discussion), they must be allowed to talk about insects. Nobody
has the right to say others "Hey you, men, you can't talk about insects because
I don't like them. We are here to talk about dinosaurs, don't you know it?" or
something like that. So, I thing everybody can talk about whatever they want to
 talk about, and everybody can subscribe to the forum, although they would be
professionals (I am a professional too, since I have a fellowship from my
University). You know what I mean. And I hope this discussion has reached the
end. I don't like the discussion like this one.
And I think that's all, folks! See you!