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Re: Elitist unvieling & List domination(no .sig file)

Roger A. Stephenson <lightwaves@aol.com>

> I want to know why you know-it-all's have not answered SERIOUS questions
> concerning extinct dinosaurs, and not just mine, but spend days on end
> debating whether or not a LIVING organism should be classified this way or
> that way? Is what you are interested all that's important?

Why yes, you've got it exactly.

What we are interested in is, by definition, what's important TO US.

This isn't the kind, peaceful world of the commercial services, where
everybody exists to gently please each other.  This is a mailing list on
the internet.  As such, it's there to serve the interests of its posters,
not merely to serve as a source of information about what YOU might be
interested in--apparently extinct dinosaurs (as opposed to non-extinct

The list is here *for its participants*, not for anyone else.  (They may
benefit from the discussion, but that's an accident.)  If people WANT to
talk about living organisms and models and movies, it's their business.  If
you don't find this to your liking, post *articles* (not just questions;
many of us are too busy to answer questions that can be looked up in books)
about things that interest you, or unsubscribe and start your own list.

~ Kiran <groo@netcom.com>

"_The Underground Grammarian_ does not seek to educate anyone.
  We intend rather to ridicule, humiliate, and infuriate those
  who abuse our language, not so that they will do better but
  so that they will stop using language entirely or at least go away."
  --Richard Mitchell, the Underground Grammarian

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