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Elitist unvieling & List domination(no .sig file)

Well, haven't some of us a rather inflated opinion of our importance. In the
past two days I have proven to, both myself and several others that have
e-mailed me off-list, that there ARE an elite FEW trying to dominate the
list, and not with numerous postings alone. Just what these persons are
trying to prove, besides their destain for us non-pros, is that they have a
zero tolerance level for ANY line of thought divergent from theirs.

Suggestions to drop my AOL service in favor of some unnamed internet server,
ignores the fact that we AOL users can connect anywhere in the U.S.A. and we
have access to much more data than non-AOL users know (much of it work
related in my case). We AOL'ers can dial in to a number out of state, and get
cheaper phone rates, when we don't have a local access line. Besides, any
internet server would still be a long distance service for many of "us".  (We
also may have other interests that the internet alone cannot fulfill). I feel
this is as out of place as suggesting we keep our opinions to ourselves.
Isn't this still a free country, and a free list? Ignoring the needs of the
many, and discouraging the curious is a serious flaw.

I received private e-mail informing me that I have nothing to contribute, and
should just go ahead and unsubscribe from the list. To that Nazi-like
attitude, I can only say, tough cookies. I have a good income, and even if I
have to download 500 postings a day to get two or three WORTH reading I will.
I will also be here for some time to come, like it or not. I can afford it!
Unfortunately there are some, maybe youngsters, that cannot. Therefore,
excessive postings harm the list, and VP in whole, not me personally. Not
opinion, fact! Is it so hard to limit ones contributions to one posting per
day, or are these egos so large that near constant presence is required?
Perhaps this is a case of idle hands, so go prep a femur.

Additionally, the intentionally spiteful and bitter statements erupting from
these types indicates personalities with little to be happy about. Why don't
YOU unsubscribe, and spare the rest of us the bile you produce at a hint of
contention? Ignorance is understandable, but hate is without excuse! 

Peaceful disagreement is a welcome format, as far as I'm concerned. However,
since I feel personally attacked, for the free expression of thought, I can
and will respond. You MAY have more education, training, and recognition but
you lack the grace of humanity, and I pity you. I have NO fear of your
sputterings, status within the VP community, or ability to use tax dollars
wastefully. Therfore you earn NO respect.

I want to know why you know-it-all's have not answered SERIOUS questions
concerning extinct dinosaurs, and not just mine, but spend days on end
debating whether or not a LIVING organism should be classified this way or
that way? Is what you are interested all that's important?

I will not respond to any posting in relation to this one, either privately
or on the list. I have better things to do with my on-line time. There will
be no acknowledged rebuttals.

I hereby formally apologize to ALL for the scrambled mess at the end of my
earlier postings, as it returned intact in my test mailing. Sorry, I was
wrong for assuming it would work. 

Thank you, Mickey, for the maintaining the list and the freedom of expression
therein. I love the list, it's a bloody few negatoids I have a problem with.

Roger A. Stephenson    lightwaves@aol.com      Power Macintosh user-pro