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Epanterias and Breviparopus

(Reply to 19 Jun 1995 message From D.W.Naish)


>Where is everybody?

I just thought I'd reply to your message to let you know that at
least SOME of us are still here!

>And (other than Bakker et al in Hunteria and a certain
>Omni article on Bakker from years back), what does the community
>think of _Epanterias_?

I haven't heard about _Epanterias_ for a long time and I had
assumed that it had proven to be a non-dinosaur or otherwise
bogus.  Maybe someone can set me straight on that.  If
_Epanterias_ is "legit.", was it really bigger and meaner than 
T. rex?  Another dino I haven't heard a peep about for a long time
is _Breviparopus_, the brachiosaurs' alledged big brother.  Is
_this_ a bogus genus?

                        -- Dave (DaveH47@delphi.com)